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Background, Mission and Core Functions

The Ohio Public Facilities Management Association (OPFMA) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization created in 1987. We’ve been devoted to the educational, informational, and professional development needs of public facilities maintenance employees at all levels. In so doing, OPFMA not only supports employees of public facilities, it improves operations of these facilities – improving internal and external environments, saving energy, and saving taxpayer dollars.

OPFMA has five main purposes:

1. Improve, promote and develop higher standards in the operation and maintenance of public facilities and grounds.

2. Provide and facilitate continuing education and professional development of individuals working in all area and at all levels of maintenance, building operations, safety, custodial work, grounds keeping, and facility administration.

3. Help convey the public needs, concerns, challenges, opportunities, functions and progress of public facility maintenance – and the consequences that can occur in cases when such needs are overlooked or given low priority.

4. Bring together individuals interested in the advancement, promotion and understanding of public facility management and operation for mutual support and peer education.

5. Provide information about and access to resources that may be useful to improving operation, maintenance, efficiency and overall performance and quality of public facilities.

OPFMA seeks to fulfill this mission through the following core activities:

Informative Newsletter for Members
• Educational Workshops/Seminars/Trainings
• Annual Conference
• Peer Networking

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