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OPFMA Membership Information

OPFMA exists to serve its institutional and individual members through educational seminars, certification programs, information through our newsletter and other sources, and our annual conference and trade show. As an institutional member you will enhance the capabilities and productivity of your maintenance staff – saving money and providing high quality physical environments for employees and visitors to your building. As an individual member of OPFMA, you’ll improve your effectiveness, your future and become a more valuable resource to your employer! OPFMA also offers associate memberships to companies that provide products and services for public facilities.


Institutional Members: Any public or private non-profit institution is eligible to enlist individuals responsible for the operation and maintenance of public facilities as active members at a group rate. Our institutional members include public and private K-12 schools, colleges and universities, cities, villages, counties and county agencies, state agencies, not-for-profit hospitals, libraries, museums, parks, churches, other publicly-owned entities operating a facility for the public good.

Individual Members: Any employee of a public or private non-profit organization involved at any level with the operation and maintenance of public facilities is eligible to be an individual member. This includes managers/administrators, supervisors, building operators or specialists within building operations departments, equipment operators, custodians, repair staff, and grounds keeping staff.

Retired Members: Any former maintenance employee of a public or private non-profit organization as well as OPFMA members who are retiring and want to continue being a member of OPFMA.

Benefits of Membership:

Receive “Spotlight on Maintenance”, the OPFMA Newsletter, in an electronic format via email

• Attend OPFMA seminars, certification programs, networking meetings and the annual conference at a discounted rate

• Receive news about seminars, conferences, meetings and other activities offered by government agencies, businesses, non-profit organizations, and others that may be of interest

• Statewide peer exchange and networking opportunities with other members

• OPFMA Chapters offer another opportunity for networking with peers and colleagues at the local level

• Have the opportunity to become part of the OPFMA Board of Trustees

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